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Below is a brief summary of the items I inspect on each property. You will get an electronic report sent directly to your email with pictures and videos as needed from Home Gauge. You will be able to access your report at www.homegauge.com, but I will provide a direct link and password access at the completion of your inspection.

I provide a summary that includes of list of electrical, mechanical and plumbing items not operating, roof leaks and major deficiencies. Also, I provide a list of some important items not at present defective or in need of repair or replacement, but may be within the next few years.
Here you will find the type of building and structural information. I examine the wall and roof structure. In addition, you will find the basement inspection that includes the floor drain, sump pump, dampness and crawl space.
I examine the heating system(s), fuel supply, heat exchanger and supplementary heat. I examine the distribution, humidifier, filter, compressor and ductwork.
Here you will find information on the water service entrance pipe, type of pipes and water flow, information on the drain/waste/vent pipes and water heater. For the bathrooms I examine the tub, shower stall, toilet, vanity, window, fan and examine for leaks.
My inspection of the electrical apparatus includes the service entrance cable, main panel box, circuits and conductors as well as the outlets, fixtures and switches. In the kitchen I examine the cabinets and countertop, sink, dishwasher, range/oven, refrigerator, floor, ventilation and other appliances, including the washer and dryer.
Here you will find an examination of the floors, walls, ceilings, stairs/railings, fireplace, doors and windows. Note that for the fireplace I inspect the flue liner and damper. My inspection of the attic includes access, moisture stains, storage, insulation and ventilation.
My roof inspection includes an examination of the roof covering and flashing as well as gutters and downspouts. The exterior inspection includes exterior doors, windows and skylights, exterior wall covering, exterior trim, chimney, garage/carport and porch.
Here you will find the inspection of the grounds to include the grading, sidewalk and walkway, driveway, window wells, retaining wall, trees and shrubbery and fencing. In addition, I examine the deck/balcony, patio/terrace, steps to building and outbuildings.

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